The needs of stray or feral cats, whether one or a colony, are the same shelter, food, water and safety. For those taking care of a cat who just won’t or can’t make himself come into the house, here are some tips for making the cold weather a bit easier.

Preparing a Shelter for Feral Cats

A converted dog house, a bought shelter or a homemade one will all keep Kitty warmer, out of the rain, snow or ice and give him shelter from the wind. Small is good since heat can escape quickly. A box 2’ X 3’ in size and at least 18 inches tall is ideal. If caring for a colony, shelters with room for three or more cats will keep them all toasty warm during the night. For fewer cats, smaller shelters will need less body heat to keep everyone comfy.

Other animals, like possums or raccoons, may be interested in spending the night. Keep the entry at about 6”– 8” in size to discourage unwelcome visitors. Modify dog houses to block off a large portion of the doorway. A plastic flap will keep out blowing rain or snow as well. A hinged top will give you easy access to change bedding or put in bowls of dry food. 

Keep moisture at bay with straw as insulation. Don’t use hay! Hay absorbs water, as do blankets or layers of newspaper, so once Kitty tracks in snow or muddy wet feet, hay, blankets and paper stay wet as Kitty stays uncomfortable. Change the straw when it’s dirty or wet and add more as needed for warmth. 

If you can’t check the shelters often, line the inside with Mylar or the silvery heat-retaining blankets victims are wrapped in after a disaster strikes. The shiny surface reflects back the escaped body heat and it’s safe for cats to lie on. 

Elevate the shelter to keep the cold and wet from seeping in from the ground. A base made from a wooden pallet will be a big help and will stabilize the house as cats settle in and rearrange themselves for the night. 

Shelters don’t need to be expensive to make. Ask home supply stores for scrap lumber. Not handy? Have a shelter-building party and invite friends. It’s a good way to educate others about the plight of feral cats. 

Not all people want to see your cat shelter; not all people are cat lovers. If this is your situation, take care that your cat shelter is not visible from the streets or other common areas. Perhaps hide it behind foliage or bushes. And if even a simple cat shelter is not possible, then simply place straw near/under a bush.

Food Considerations During Winter

Place two shelters face to face, with about two feet of space between. Secure a board across the top of both to create a dry space below. Food and water can be placed there so the cats have easy access. Once you note the comings and goings of the cats, you’ll know when to put the food out so it doesn't attract birds, possums, raccoons and other stray animals. If the cats' schedule doesn't match yours, try putting out food anyway  they will find it and then adjust their schedule to yours. The feeding station should also be raised off the ground. Don’t forget; in the winter cats need more calories just to keep warm. If the bowls are emptied within fifteen minutes, put out a bit more food. A latecomer shouldn't find only empty bowls. 

Wet food is easier to digest, which means Kitty won’t spend warm-up calories on digestion. Try warming the canned food before taking it to the feeding station. If you live far from the cat colony, consider heating up the food and storing it in a thermos during your drive. Insulate food bowls by setting one inside another to keep a layer of air between them. Spray insulation applied to the bottom of food bowls works too. If the weather is really bad, consider dry food only so there will be something Kitty can eat quickly. 

Don’t put water in the shelter. As the cats jostle for a comfy spot, the bowl can be turned over. Wet, cold bedding is worse than none at all. Check for heated water bowls at the pet supply store or change the bowls often so they aren't a block of ice when Kitty’s thirsty. Use deeper bowls instead of wide ones so it takes longer for the water to freeze. Refill with hot or warm water. Dark colored water bowls will absorb heat from the sun to keep the water liquid. 

Safety Issues

Before starting the car, take a look at the top of the tiresis Kitty perched there? Bang on the hood in case she climbed up to get warm from the engine after you came home. 

Use only pet-friendly antifreeze and educate friends and neighbors. Antifreeze is sweet to the taste and deadly to cats and dogs. Clean up any spills at once. 

Shelters can get snowed in so when you shovel the walk, make a path for Kitty to get in and out. 

Clear areas where cats can hide, like under the porch, a bush or a likely hiding spot. Ice-melting salt is dangerous for pets. Rock salt can cut paw pads. Untreated cuts can become infected. Use only a pet-safe ice melt.

What Else to Do to Help Feral Cats?

Trap, neuter, release works in the winter too. Don’t attempt this when there snow is on the ground or predicted. Wait for plus temperatures  an open-mesh metal trap will expose Kitty to the elements and endanger his life if the weather is frigid or otherwise extreme.

If the cat is a stray and not feral, try to coax him indoors. Contact a rescue group for help in finding him a home if he can’t stay with you. Remember, strays and ferals depend on the kindness of strangers. Help out all you can. Their lives depend on it.

How To Help Feral Cats Stay Safe & Warm During Winter

Cat treat addiction is a real thing that afflicts thousands of households. Characterized by whining, meowing, and pawing the spot they know their favorite treats are stored, this behavior can be challenging to cope with.

Some well-intentioned pet owners will try to pacify their pet with added treats, which might make the house quieter for a few minutes, but will only serve to support their neediness for a food item that shouldn’t make up a substantial part of their diet.

Cat treats can be handy for reinforcing positive behaviors and for simply doling out when you want to spoil your cat a little. However, it is possible for cats to become a little overly fond of their treats. The incessant demand for their favorite treat can be obnoxious at best and, at worst, contribute to a weight problem cycle that can become difficult to get back on track.

So, how much is too much?

Cat treats should consist of no more than ten percent of your cat’s overall diet. Less, if your cat has existing weight problems or other health issues.

Treats are in no way meant to replace a nutrient-rich cat food, but if you gave your cat the choice, you know exactly which they’d pick.

So how can you lovingly curb this high demand for treats? What can happen if your cat consumes too many treats? What is considered “too many” in the first place?

This guide is going to dive right into the subject to answer all of these questions and more. We'll also discuss types of treats and bring you a few recommendations by our community members.

How Frequently Should a Cat Get Treats?

If you are training your cat to perform certain behaviors, treats are more than likely going to become part of the process. But that doesn’t mean that your cat should be rewarded with a treat whenever they do something good.

Most cat treat brands will have a recommended serving size printed alongside the nutritional information, but you should take a different approach from this one-size-fits-all kind of labeling. After all, certain high-energy cats might be able to have more treats than a chubby cat who lives in your lap. Overall, use the recommendations on the bag as the maximum and reduce the quantity if your cat is older, unhealthy or heavier than average.

And remember: Cats do not need treats to be healthy and happy, so there is no such thing as “too few” treats.

Some good times to feed your cat treats include:
When they’ve taken medicine
When they perform a behavior that you’ve been training them to do
When you're introducing them to another cat
What Behaviors Indicate an Addiction to Treats?

Most cats love treats. Some cats love them so much that they will completely ignore their full food dishes in pursuit of treats once they hear the bag shake. A simple love of treats is common and nothing to be concerned about. Over time, however, your cat might develop an addiction which could lead to some changes in their behavior.

One of the trademark indicators of cat treat addiction is incessant meowing that may gradually increase in volume – as if you can’t already hear them making their demands.

Rarely, a cat may also get physically aggressive by hissing, biting or scratching when treats are denied – especially if they can see the treats but not get to them.

What are the Consequences of Overconsumption?

We humans have to watch what we eat in order to ensure adequate nutrition and caloric intake, but that doesn’t mean that a bag of chips is going to cause your health to plummet – if enjoyed sparingly.

The same line of thinking can be applied to cats and their treats. While cat treats aren’t necessarily good or bad for your cat, they are not designed to be a replacement for healthy, high-quality cat food. Both humans and our feline companions should have well-balanced diets with our chosen treats thrown in on occasion to ensure optimal health.

Obesity is a real health problem for indoor cats. This is, of course, not solely because of treats or treat addiction.

Over-feeding can be a problem as well due to well-intentioned owners not knowing how to portion their pet’s food. Inactivity, which can be caused by a number of factors, plays a substantial role as well. But cat treats are sometimes a major contributing cause.

We get it, it’s easy to give your cherished cat companion too many treats when you’re compelled by those big saucer-like eyes and cute begging antics. It might also be challenging to consistently say “no” when they won’t stop insisting. No cat owner is trying to make their cat obese, but far too many of us wake up one morning and wonder, “When the heck did my cat get so… hefty?”

Obesity in cats carries with it many of the same dangers that obesity does in humans, including:
High blood pressure
Joint pain, including arthritis
Increased occurrence of urinary tract infections (UTIs)
Respiratory problems, like difficulty breathing
A shortened lifespan
This isn’t meant to scare you, but to simply inform you as a loving cat owner what is really at stake when you let your already-chubby fluffy overindulge in treats that have little to no nutritional value.

In fact, many cat owners will be recommended by their veterinarians to avoid giving their cats cat treats from here on in, as a means of helping to control their portions and reduce their weight.

How Can Owners Wean Their Cats from Treat Addiction?

The worst thing that you can do if your cat has become treat-addicted is to give them the treat whenever they demand it. It might simply feel easier to give in when they get annoyed about it, especially if they turn aggressive at being denied their savory morsels of choice. But it’s like teaching children proper behavior: You don’t give them what they want when they do something bad.

The same principle applies to cats. No matter what they do, even if they scratch or bite at you, do not give them treats when they are displaying bad behavior.

Cats quickly learn how much sway they have in our households. This becomes evident when they are demanding food – and especially treats. Fortunately, there are ways to get around their bossy behaviors and take control of the situation.

Automatic Feeders
One commonly implemented solution for cat owners to curb their cat’s bothering humans for treats is an automated animal feeder. Certain models can be programmed to dole out treats at a specified time, thus taking the human out of the equation and (hopefully) prompting them to stop bugging their humans about it so much.

Is Your Cat Addicted To Treats

It’s common to see cats roughhousing, but that often leaves cat owners wondering: Are my cats fighting or playing? After all, if they’re playing, you want to encourage them. But if they’re fighting, you may need to intervene!
In short, when cats fight, they have their ears pinned all the way back, the whites of their eyes are showing, and they will be extremely vocal. Cats that are playing will usually have their ears forward or slightly sideways, normally-dilated pupils, and they’ll be mostly quiet.
There’s a lot more to cat body language than that, however, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between cats that are simply playing rough with each other or actually fighting. Keep reading and we’ll break down each of these behaviors for you and provide visual examples.

By the end of this post, you should be able to quickly tell the difference between a cat fight and a cat play-fight.

Signs Your Cats are Fighting

First, let’s take a look at what a fighting cat will look like. We’re going to go over each part of the body individually, but keep in mind that it’s all of them put together that let you know a cat is fighting. If your cat only displays one or two of these, they may be playing or simply annoyed.
In a fighting cat, the ears will be pinned all the way back. If you can see your cat from the front, you probably can't even see his ears because of how tightly they’re pinned to his head. Typically, the ears won’t move, either, even in response to sound.

The next thing you want to look at is the eyes. In a cat that’s preparing to or already in a fight, the pupils will be extremely dilated. You will also be able to see the whites of her eyes. She will also have them laser-focused on what she’s fighting with, and it will be nearly impossible to distract her.

A cat’s tail can tell you a lot about what he’s thinking and feeling. Before a fight, a cat’s tail will get bushy as he tries to make himself look bigger. In the excitement of a fight, it will usually stay that way, with all the hair standing on end.

The movement of his tail is also a factor in determining whether he’s playing or fighting. When cats are angry or extremely annoyed, their tails lash rapidly, with the whole length of the tail moving. This is a warning that an attack is imminent.

There’s a phrase about the “claws coming out” when humans interacting get mean or aggressive towards each other. That comes from cats fighting. When cats are legitimately fighting, their claws are out. It can be hard to see from a distance, but when fur from the other cat is flying, it’s likely being pulled out by the other cat’s bared claws.

When two cats are facing off to fight, they usually stand sideways rather than facing each other head-on. This is an attempt to make themselves appear larger. In the midst of a fight, this could change, but the important thing to look for is how tense they are.

In a fight, a cat will be tense the whole time. She won’t sit completely on her rear end, though she may crouch low to the ground. If she lies down, it may be to get into a better fighting position. Although exposing the stomach may be seen as a submissive move, from this angle, another cat has to get through all four clawed paws and a mouthful of teeth to get to any vital parts.

Cat fights are LOUD. There’s no mistaking the screams, yowls, cries, and more a cat may let out before and during a fight. In fact, most cat fights involve far more vocalizations than actual physical interactions. This is because most cats don’t want to actually fight.

As you’ll see, the last two points have to do with the context of the interaction your cats are having. This is also important in determining whether your cats are fighting or playing.

Cats that don’t know each other are far more likely to fight than old friends, which is why you have to consider how well your cats know each other. If you’re introducing two adult cats to each other who have never met before, there’s a good chance the interaction you’re seeing is a fight.

This is why it’s important to introduce cats properly to each other at any age. Otherwise, the resident cat will feel as though their territory is being threatened and will act accordingly. Most often, this means fighting with the intruder.

Are My Cats Fighting Or Playing

Can cats eat eggs, and if they can, are eggs good for cats? A vet weighs in on if you should feed your
cat eggs, and what eggs are safe for cats to eat
Can cats eat eggs? And if they can, are eggs good for cats? Over time, eggs have suffered from significant PR problems. When I was a child in the ’70s and ’80s, eggs  or at least their yolks were considered to be downright dangerous. Egg yolks contained cholesterol, which was linked to heart attacks. I grew up with Egg Beaters (essentially, egg whites with yellow food coloring). And when real eggs were served, we usually ate around the yolks. My father, being mindful of waste, did not want to throw away the yolks in such circumstances. Instead, they were fed to the cat over my vociferous objections. If egg yolks could cause heart attacks in humans, my young mind surmised, then surely they must be dangerous for cats as well

?Can cats eat eggs, and are eggs good for cats

Thank heavens for present day times! The cholesterol-causes-heart-assaults in-people fantasy still lives on in numerous circles. In any case, the most current and target inquire about recommends that it isn't dietary cholesterol that causes human coronary illness. Or maybe, blood dimensions of "awful" cholesterol in individuals will in general go up when we eat excessively (of everything without exception) and exercise pretty much nothing. Along these lines, eggs, when all is said in done, are ok for individuals to eat

The equivalent is valid for felines. For our catlike allies, dietary cholesterol was never an issue by any stretch of the imagination. Those egg yolks did not hurt the feline  the main mischief done was to our family, who passed up their heavenliness

Felines do experience the ill effects of coronary illness, however they for the most part don't experience the ill effects of atherosclerosis (which, in people, was the wellspring of the counter cholesterol furor). There are two principle sorts of coronary illness in felines. One, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, is to a great extent inherited and not connected to way of life (albeit cat heftiness worsens it). The other, expanded cardiomyopathy, is connected to dietary taurine inadequacy. This condition has been totally dispensed with by taurine supplementation in feline nourishments. Goodness, incidentally: Eggs are a magnificent wellspring of taurine

Truth be told, entire egg is considered by nutritionists to be the absolute best wellspring of protein for creatures

Along these lines, for the record: Except if your feline is explicitly adversely affected by eggs (and egg sensitivities are not regular in felines), at that point it is ok for your feline to eat cooked eggs with some restraint 

? For what reason should felines eat eggs with some restraint

In spite of the fact that eggs are magnificently nutritious, they don't contain finish and adjusted sustenance for a feline. A feline nourished only eggs would be required to create critical dietary inadequacies. Cooked eggs nourished as treats, as an enhancement to feline sustenance, or as a feature of a custom made eating regimen that has been expertly custom-made by a veterinary nutritionist, are fine

?Furthermore, for what reason should felines eat cooked eggs explicitly 

Only referencing the word crude will make any prepared Web essayist recoil. Crude nourishment is the third rail of veterinary composition and blogging

One of my most loved sustenances on the planet is steak tartare. This wonderful dish is made out of prepared crude hacked meat, finished with a crude quail egg. Only reasoning of the dish, with some French fries and washed down with a Kronenbourg 1664, makes me need to leave my office and make a beeline for the closest French bistro. I am not reluctant to eat crude nourishment myself 

I'm additionally not incredible about toeing the veterinary line with regards to crude weight control plans. Authoritatively, I should be against nourishing crude as a result of the potential for zoonotic bacterial contaminations. Cooking eliminates microscopic organisms. Crude sustenances in this way are bound to contain microbes. Those microscopic organisms, for example, Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter, can contaminate felines, and would then be able to spread to individuals. Don't pooh-pooh the idea. I have met a few customers who trusted that they contracted such contaminations in such a way  

In any case, on the off chance that you know and acknowledge the dangers and you wish to nourish crude sustenance to your pet, at that point that is your business. There are a horrendous parcel of felines who are doing on crude weight control plans

Crude eggs, be that as it may, are special لاkind of. Truly, they can contain microscopic organisms. Yet, egg whites additionally contain a protein called avidin, which ties biotin (otherwise called nutrient B7). Overconsumption of avidin could cause biotin inadequacy. Cooking denatures the avidin. In this way, it is suggested that felines expend just cooked eggs

Be that as it may, let's face it and sensible: A feline would need to eat a Ton of crude egg, presumably over a time of months or years, for such an inadequacy to create. Are crude eggs extremely that terrible? Most likely not

Things being what they are, can felines eat eggs? Also, are eggs useful for felines? The main concern

Along these lines, as I would see it, the responses to "Can felines eat eggs?" and "Are eggs useful for felines?" is that eggs are useful for felines with some restraint. That is all. They taste great, they are nutritious, they are sound for individuals and they are alright for felines

However, let me end with a note about control. On the off chance that you imagine that nourishing your feline an egg multi day is control, at that point reconsider. One egg for every day in a 10-pound feline makes an interpretation of generally to 15 eggs per day in a normal measured grown-up human. When one accomplishes progressively exact computations, considering our varying metabolic rates, one egg for a feline means around eight eggs for an individual. That, as I would see it, isn't control

Can Cats Eat Eggs? And If So, Are Eggs Good for Cats

Cat diets don’t have to be so complicated we’ve put together a few tips to help your cat get healthy 
safely and effectively8kio90p
As indicated by the Relationship for Pet Weight Avoidance, 59 percent of felines living in the Assembled States are corpulent. In the event that you have a big whig, helping him shed a couple of pounds will do ponders for his wellbeing and may even add a very long time to his life  there's no preferred inspiration over that to move sound feline weight control plans

Feline weight control plans are not something to trifle with. Felines are delicate with regards to weight reduction, so crash counts calories are a major no-no. "On the off chance that weight reduction is excessively quick or there isn't sufficient protein in the eating regimen, the danger of a sickness called hepatic lipidosis an intense metabolic liver issue  is an undeniable peril," clarifies Ken Lambrecht, D.V.M., medicinal chief of West Towne Veterinary Center in Madison, Wisconsin
Here's the means by which to arrange feline eating regimens securely and successfully

With regards to Feline Eating regimens, Work With Your Vet

"It's imperative for feline proprietors to work specifically with their veterinarians in regards to weight-the board issues, particularly for felines that are essentially overweight," Dr. Lambrecht says about feline weight control plans. Your vet will enable you to choose the correct sustenance and feed the correct sums, and in addition screen your feline's weight reduction to guarantee the eating routine is working. At the principal visit, your vet will gauge your feline and furthermore recognize his optimal objective weight

With regards to Feline Eating regimens, Go for Moderate Weight reduction 

If cats get in shape excessively quick, they may turn out to be exceptionally wiped out. "Weight reduction must be gradual, with incessant reassessments by the veterinary group to ensure muscle misfortune does not happen," Dr. Lambrecht clarifies in regards to feline weight control plans. The rate of weight reduction ought not be more than 1 to 2 percent for every week

Pick the Correct Eating regimen Feline Sustenance 

Feline weight control plans ought to incorporate nourishments that are high in proteins and moderate to low in calories. Felines are commit carnivores, which implies they require meat and a decent measure of it. Some "diet feline nourishment" contains a ton of carbs, which isn't extraordinary for weight reduction. Most canned nourishments will have a greater number of proteins and less carbs than dry sustenances, yet it's conceivable to discover high-protein, bring down carb dry nourishments. Once more, your vet will help control you to pick the perfect sustenance for your feline's weight reduction. 

Feed the Appropriate Sum  And Don't Be Tricked by Sustenance Sacks 

With regards to feline weight control plans, free nourishing is typically not accommodating. Estimated suppers enable you to monitor what number of calories your feline is expending. In any case, making sense of precisely how much nourishment to bolster is extreme. "Calorie needs differ as indicated by way of life, age and individual feline," Dr. Lambrecht clarifies. "Calories are not in every case unmistakably marked. The pack nourishing aide frequently indicates such a large number of calories for generally felines." By and by, this is the place your vet comes in. Choose a brand and have your vet figure the amount of that specific nourishment to bolster your feline so as to accomplish a gradual weight reduction. 

Cut Out   or possibly Curtailed  Cat Treats 

Awwww, no treats? So miserable. Business feline treats are high in calories and low in sustenance, so there's the wrong spot for them on most feline eating regimens. On the off chance that you should bolster your feline treats, downplay them and ideally stick to little measures of high-protein human nourishments, as modest bits of cooked chicken or a tad of fried eggs. 

Main concern: Feline Weight control plans Set aside Opportunity to Work

It might take some time, but with diligence, the right cat diets will help your cats drop those pounds and get healthier. “Weight loss can be tricky, but the rewards are huge,” Dr. Lambrecht says. “A cat that feels better, lives longer and acts like a kitten again is a win/win/win

All About Cat Diets How and Why to Put Your Cat on a Diet Safely

Don’t know what foods are toxic to cats? Can cats eat grapes? Can cats drink milk? And can cats eat chocolate? Check out this list of human foods that are toxic to cats
As with us humans, there are some things kitty should just avoid. Not every animal reacts the same way to every food item, but we always advise you to do the safest thing for your cat. So, what foods are toxic to cats? Here’s our quick go-to no-no list with a rundown on why these food items are just bad mews

Can cats have alcohol

Here’s a not-always-so-great-for-humans item that cats should definitely stay away from, as it can cause intoxication (with just a tiny amount), possibly a coma and even death

Can cats have bones

Bones don’t always go down easy and can obstruct or lacerate your cat’s digestive system.

Can cats have chocolate, caffeine and coffee
Cats just don’t need the pick-me-up that humans seem to crave, which is a good thing, as stimulants aren’t good for them and can be toxic

Can cats have citrus and citrus oil extracts

Cats typically aren’t big fans of citrus. Citrus fruits, particularly the rinds, may cause vomiting and diarrhea. Seeds contain cyanide compounds. Citrus oils can be toxic and cause liver damage

Can cats eat fat trimmings

Worst-case scenario: You’re rushing your cat to the emergency vet with a case of pancreatitis. Best case: It can make your cat obese
Can cats eat grapes and raisins

These are also food items on the better-to-be-safe-than-sorry food list. Grapes cause kidney failure in some dogs, although we haven’t figured out why yet. Cats have fragile kidneys, so it’s recommended that these are a no-go

Can cats eat macadamia nuts and nuts in general

Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs, so you definitely don’t want them in the house if you have both cats and dogs. Nuts in general have lots of fat and oils, which could cause vomiting or diarrhea, or your cat could choke on them

Can cats have milk and dairy

Wild cats eat other animals. They aren’t sitting around lapping up bowls of milk. So it’s no surprise that some of their a-little-less-wild indoor cousins are lactose intolerant. Best to just stay away from this unless you want to clean up diarrhea.

Can cats eat onions, garlic and chives

Unfortunately, these contain oxidizing agents that can damage cats’ fragile blood cells.

Can cats have yeast dough

Fermenting yeast is used to raise bread dough. Two problems with this: One, it can cause alcohol poisoning in animals. Two, it may continue to rise in kitty’s nice, warm tummy, causing bowel obstruction

A bottom line on what foods are toxic to cats

Even if something is not on this list, use caution and concern for items if they have been proven upsetting or toxic to humans or other animals. Also, some items not included on this list may be OK for cats in small quantities but cause issues if fed in larger amounts or over time, just as with any animal

What Foods Are Toxic to Cats

Interested in fun cat events going on near you? We’ve found a few great January 2019 cat events to check out this month

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Saturday, Jan. 5 to Sunday, Jan. 6: Houston Cat Club’s 66thAnnual Charity Cat Show
One of the largest annual U.S. cat shows, The Houston Charity Cat Show draws pedigreed cats from around the world to compete in eight judging rings. The show is sanctioned by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, with 41 breeds eligible to be shown at CFA shows. More than 200 cats are expected to be entered in this year’s show. You’ll also see cats running agility courses, a Meow Mall full of vendors, a special children’s area, Pet-Me-Cats and a meet-the-breed ring where you can hear owners talk about their breeds. This charity event supports the Houston SPCA, the Houston Humane Society, Citizens for Animal Protection and Hopeless and Orphaned Pet Endeavor (HOPE). Animal rescue shelters from Harris, Fort Bend and Galveston counties will have free space at the show to offer pets for adoption. The show goes from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Hall E. Ticket prices are: $9.99 for adults, $8 for seniors and military and $4 for children ages 5 to 12. For more information, visit houstoncatclub.org

Thursday, Jan. 17: The Cats on Glass Gallery
The Cats on Glass Gallery, curated by Fresh Step Clean Paws (and known as a pop-up with a purpose) comes to Los Angeles today. It debuted in New York last year and what was intended as a limited-time exhibit exceeded all expectations with more than 7,000 visitors, dozens of cat adoptions and applications filled out during the five-day event. During the LA run, there will be the same larger-than-life cat display, pom-pom room, me-owm meditation center, adoption lounge and feature exhibit: a live Cats on Glass Playhouse. There will also be a few Hollywood additions, including adoptable cats from spcaLA and cat-lebrity Walk of Fame featuring Kitten Lady, Nala Cat, Lil Bub, White Coffe Cat and more. For more information, visit freshstep.com/cat-love
Friday, Jan. 25 – Sunday, Jan 27: International Cat Show Portland

Get in on the action at one of the largest cat events in the region. Hundreds of cats will strut their stuff in front of judges from all over the world, all vying for top awards. Help raise funds by bringing a two-can donation for the Oregon Food Bank, and you’ll save $2 on entry. This year the TICA-affiliated show not only moves to a new location – the Portland Expo Center – but it will also be televised via syndicated network television.

What’s Mew at Catster: January 2019 Cat Events

For a ton of us, thinking about the non domesticated felines in our neighborhood is as essential as thinking about the pets that share our homes. Despite the fact that these felines may not be sufficiently agreeable with individuals to appreciate being petted they are as yet a delight to have around

Ensuring they have the fundamental necessities, for example, nourishment and safe house, and seeing them make an incredible most outside is something a large number of us have been improving the situation years

TCS part LavishSqualor is sufficiently blessed to have the capacity to furnish a few non domesticated feline settlements with a place of refuge at different properties all through Orlando. Be that as it may, despite the fact that these felines are spayed or fixed and inoculated, not every person was upbeat about their essence

The story starts toward the beginning of Walk 2018

LavishSqualor clarified

"I fill in as territorial supervisor for a property the board firm in Orlando. We bargain fundamentally with expansive flat edifices. At the beginning of today one of the directors for a complex in my portfolio considered me to disclose to me that few inhabitants there had paid a "trapper" to trap and discard a set up non domesticated settlement on the property

I promptly drove the 90 minutes to the property and addressed the staff and a few observers. They've by and large me basically a similar story – that three men appeared with noose snares and pellet firearms and evacuated the eight de-sexed, immunized and alive and well felines that made up the province. They place them in secured plastic tubs (not transporters) with no air gaps and removed them in the back of two pickup trucks

They were paid $200 and have doubtlessly killed those felines. The property chief, a few individuals from support and I have experienced each feline at the nearby asylums and our own aren't there.

This is a standout amongst the most disquieting things that has occurred in quite a while. Dislike the felines were hopping on autos or anything. This property has garaged stopping. At the point when scrutinized the inhabitants revealed to me that they simply didn't care for the felines looked! One individual asserted he was hypersensitive however the felines are outside, not in his loft!"

TCS individuals were naturally bothered to hear this. Straight away individuals started to offer their sympathies, seeing how terrible it must be to lose an entire settlement of felines along these lines. Some offered messages of help

LavishSqualor had just started to make a move against those dependable

"I served see on each and every inhabitant who was included. They should be out around this time one week from now. Give them a chance to attempt to battle it; they won't have any grounds to be taken seriously. We tell individuals at application that there is a little wild province on that property so they were all very much aware. Their marked affirmations are even on record.

I know the name of the catching administration as well

Tomorrow I'm setting off to the Express Lawyer's Office to endeavor to get the trappers charged criminally. From that point onward, I have a gathering with our organization lawyers who will sue them commonly. It won't bring back the state however it will beyond any doubt shield them from committing a similar error once more"

While it was fulfilling to realize that the trappers and the occupants who employed them would be compelled to confront the results of their activities, the primary concern was as yet that the felines were missing and probably had been slaughtered. On occasion this way, it's hard not to point the finger at yourself. As LavishSqualor stated

"I realize that we took great consideration of that province and that those felines had much preferable lives over most, yet I do wish since I'd brought the more seasoned stray home to live with me. The vet asserted he was most likely somewhere around fifteen. I recently realized that he was horribly used to being outside and that he had all his other feline companions there"

Notwithstanding, a couple of days after the fact there was the principal tad of positive news.

"Above all else, the "trappers" as I call them didn't slaughter the felines. They guarantee that they dumped them around four to six miles from the property in a lush region. They demonstrated me precisely where yesterday morning, and after that me, they and around twelve volunteers from the complex spent the whole evening looking for the settlement. Shockingly, we didn't discover any of them

The folks who caught them are unlicensed. (They) publicized their "Evacuation Administrations" on Craigslist. They are only a gathering of youthful numbskulls who needed to make a buck. They're not really awful children; they simply didn't think

I've addressed the area protect where the trappers live. They will direct network benefit hours for them there and at two other creature salvages

On the off chance that they had executed the felines I'd never be agreeable to this however given their

conditions, youth and by and large ineptitude I'm willing to allow them some breathing room."


The likelihood that the felines may in any case be alive brightened up everybody who had been following the story. A few TCS individuals have encounter working with wild felines, others have had felines disappear and figured out how to bring them home once more. Tips and recommendations on the best way to locate the missing state felines and acquire them back poured.


Be that as it may, there was more. LavishSqualor returned to report that:

"I was all prepared to take in the fifteen-year-old stray yet it would seem that the property chief has outsmarted me! She has him and his companion at home with her!

She says that they've done incredible, no stowing away at all, and that they're eating and utilizing the litter box like champs. She's named my kid Oreo and his companion Cheddar"
Cheddar, on the property manager's desk
Oreo, now 15 years old and adopted into a loving home
A couple of days after the fact a 6th feline returned, a lot to the pleasure of everybody who had been following the story
LavishSqualor disclosed to us that the felines were before long making themselves at home and appreciating all the additional consideration
The province individuals have thrived yet are most likely confounded by all the consideration they've gotten from the occupants. Since the felines restored, the inhabitants have been getting them toys and treats to compensate for the felines' evil treatment because of the trappers
Six of the eight felines to have endure being caught and dumped as well as to have figured out how to discover their direction home solid was beyond what any of us could have sought after
New region can be lethal for a feline, even a non domesticated feline that is accustomed to being outside. Dislodged felines for the most part endeavor to discover their way back to the home they knew previously, however in doing as such are presented to a wide range of perils. And in addition crossing streets they need to cross the regions of different felines, pooches and wild creatures
This outcomes in battles and wounds and they turn out to be much increasingly frightened and disorientated. This, alongside the battle to discover sustenance and water, implies numerous felines never make it back home again
As the weeks transformed into months and there was no more news of the last two missing felines we began to fear the most noticeably bad. LavishSqualor never surrendered, frequently returning to the spot where the felines had been discharged in the expectation of getting a quick look at them. However, it appeared that they may have been lost until the end of time 
At that point, on December thirteenth, an entire nine months since the felines had been dumped, we got the news we had all been yearning for
LavishSqualor posted
"You folks are never going to trust it, yet the last two felines restored this 
morning! The property supervisor called they were lying on the lanai with alternate felines toward the beginning of today when upkeep returned from tidying up the grounds. They were simply lolling in the daylight and flipping their tails as though nothing uncommon had happened. She said that they don't look thin or harmed in any capacity
We'll never know where those two felines had spent the mid year. Did they discover somebody to think about them while they were no more? Did they figure out how to deal with themselves so well that they didn't have to surge back home 
These privileged insights will be kept by the felines
We're all fair so happy that they're home again and we have motivation to put stock in marvels

Catnapped Non domesticated Feline Province Discovers Its Direction Home

You have not started to comprehend the significance of "stuck" until the point when you've seen a feline stuck some place and kid, do TCS kitties get

themselves into some dilemmas! Here's our manual for the catlike novice about "stalling out" easily. Ensure your felines read this guide and in the event that they figure out how to eclipse these kitties, post about it in the Hide Pictures discussion!

You have not begun to understand the meaning of "stuck" until you've seen a cat stuck somewhere and boy, do TCS kitties get themselves into some sticky situations! Here's our guide to the feline beginner about "getting stuck" with aplomb. Make sure your cats read this guide and if they manage to outshine these kitties, post about it in the Fur Pictures forum!

Interest and felines go connected at the hip, yet investigating can stall out, similar to this feline who couldn't avoid attempting to burrow his way between the Enormous Couch Cushions

Once in a while, you delve your way in, without going down. Stalling out behind furniture is purrfectly normal. For whatever length of time that your paws are out, you're doing fine!

Figure adhering to feline furniture will spare you from stalling out? Reconsider!

It's especially cumbersome when you're stuck high up, similar to this feline

 Or this Velcro Kitty here 

It doesn't have to be the screen itself. Windows of all sorts can get you stuck even if you don't climb any screens, honest!
They may be too tight to maneuver but you still can't resist trying to squeeze in there

 But pinning down humans is doable, and can be very useful sometimes 

 Blinds. We're not sure if they're stickier when they're shut or open 
 Humans are even more of a challenge. Try to get them stuck in their chair and you may end up stuck yourself, between a chair and a hard place

 Never underestimate a box. It might be bigger and deeper than you think
 But pinning down humans is doable, and can be very useful sometimes 
 Just make sure you never ever release the human or you could end up all wet and stuck in a towel
 Climbers start getting stuck at a very young age, sometimes with their Mom around to watch over
 Or with no parental supervision
 It's why you sometimes need some help. Just don't get stuck being "the ladder"

As you grow older, you can climb on your own and get stuck in brand new fascinating things like this contraption
 Or this one, which the humans seem to favor more

 Speaking of drinks. Now, there's a whole new way of getting stuck. Just innocently drinking, like this

 Or this -
 Going in head first definitely can get you stuck and put you in a stinky situation
 But remember, when life gives you shoes, make a comfy bed! Never admit to being stuck and when in doubt take a nap just to make your point:

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31 Humiliating Courses For Felines To Stall out - The Tcs Kitty Delineated Guide

Veterinary consideration for your feline can be over the top expensive with bills running in the hundreds and in some cases even the a large number of dollars.

Proprietors are normally arranged for the anticipated yearly expenses of a standard checkup and inoculations, yet what do you do when your feline has a medicinal crisis or catches a genuine disease? We've arranged a thorough rundown of associations that might have the capacity to encourage you, yet first we should audit the manners by which you can help your feline all alone.

Plan Ahead: Crises WILL Occur 

Begin A Secret stash In Investment funds

Ideally, you're perusing this article while your feline is solid and you're simply being a capable proprietor who's finding out about feline consideration. In the event that that is the situation, this is the ideal opportunity to begin preparing on the grounds that truly, crises will occur. Indeed, even felines that live inside can be harmed or end up debilitated and the more established the pet, the more probable are you to run over a circumstance which could require costly - and sudden - therapeutic consideration.

Examine the alternatives with your veterinarian and acquaint yourself with the extent of assets you may require not far off. You can likewise discover increasingly about installment alternatives your vet may offer customary clients. In particular, begin setting aside. On the off chance that you set aside just $10 consistently, the cost of two Starbucks frappucinos, you will spare over $500 every year. Inside a year or two, you can have enough to cover most restorative strategies. Regardless of whether you run over a system that is progressively costly that what you figured out how to spare by that point, you are unquestionably bound to get assistance from others in the event that you can in any event pay a large portion of the bill alone.

Research Pet Protection 

In case you're experiencing difficulty saving money on your own, or in the event that you figure you may need to manage enormous vet charges within the near future (for instance if your feline is a senior feline), you should investigate pet protection. Numerous insurance agencies offer anticipates pets yet make certain to peruse the fine print and see what sort of inclusion they offer and whether they'll work with your preferred vet.

At the point when Looked With A Costly Doctor's visit expense That You Can't Manage

Lamentably, many feline proprietors neglect to set aside progress of time and when crisis strikes, as damage or a sudden beginning of ailment, they have no real way to take care of the expenses. It is a lamentable reality that should be recognized: Such a large number of pets are euthanized just on the grounds that their proprietors couldn't manage the cost of treatment.

Try not to surrender at this time!

1. Look a minimal effort facility. 

You will discover minimal effort facilities recorded underneath, sorted out by state. Regardless of whether the rundown does exclude one that is close where you live, it's dependably a smart thought to contact a nearby creature protect association and check whether they can suggest a minimal effort vet. Numerous veterinary schools offer medicinal administrations at limited rates so in the event that you live almost a college or school reach them and check whether they have such a program.

2. Take a stab at working with your veterinarian on installment designs. 

Numerous veterinarians can offer installment designs, particularly in case you're a normal and confided in customer.
 3. Check whether you can get a credit line for the installments. 

Many advance organizations offer advances to help cover medicinal crises, including those of your pet. CareCredit is an organization that offers veterinary financing which might be a feasible alternative for you (TheCatSite.com isn't subsidiary with CareCredit or some other association referenced in this article, nor do we support utilizing their administrations. If it's not too much trouble check and see what might be a solid match for you).

4. Look for assistance from relatives and companions. 

Individuals are bound to help those whom they know and love. It's in every case best to look close before asking outsiders.

5. Consider moving a portion of your assets on Ebay or Craigslist. 

6. Begin a GoFundMe or a comparable online pledge drive. 

Try not to anticipate that cash should begin pouring in. You'll need to put a great deal of exertion into advancing your pledge drive. Numerous individuals are endeavoring to raise assets for fundamentally the same as causes so you may have more fortunes advancing your pledge drive inside your groups of friends. On the off chance that you do wish to post about your pledge drive in online networks it's best to check the guidelines first. Snap here for the TCS rules.

7. Requesting assistance from a store or philanthropy. 

There are assets and foundations that assistance pet proprietors in subsidizing veterinary consideration and you will locate a broad rundown of them here.

Remember that financial plans are constantly constrained. Much of the time demands are denied. Your odds of getting encourage increment in the event that you are a senior or handicapped however even, a considerable lot of these associations can just contribute some portion of the expense. Some of them limit their gifts to a couple of hundreds dollars, or even less.

Each association has its very own criteria with respect to whom they can help and how. Some work just with neighborhood pre-endorsed vets, others may possibly take care of everything for specific conditions or just when the visualization is certain. We've incorporated a rundown of such assets and associations, a significant number of which serve explicit zones in the US. You'll need to visit every site to perceive what their present criteria are and regardless of whether your case is a decent match. TheCatSite.com isn't related with any of these associations and can't be considered in charge of any of the data gave in this.

Fast Connections: US National Associations - US Nearby Associations By State - UK Associations

These connections do exclude associations which give assistance spaying/fixing, inoculations and wellbeing registration as it were.

No Cash For Vet Care? Step by step instructions to Discover Help And Spare Your Feline's Life

With an exposure notice or court arrange, government organizations generally exempted can tap Australia's metadata stores
The Department of Home Affairs says it would take "impressive time and assets" for it to decide what number of offices over Australia's three levels of government have gotten to metadata held under the country's information maintenance laws

Reacting to Questions on Notice, Home Affairs brought up one more of the escape clauses that gives offices, not on the rundown of 21 requirement organizations, the capacity to get to metadata.

"Area 280(1)(b) of the Telecommunications Act 1997 makes an exception to the general disallowance against the divulgence of metadata for Commonwealth, state, or region substances that are not authorization organizations," Home Affairs said

"The experts that can use this exception are not determined

Organizations that have the ability to arrange the divulgence of data could compel the issue with a court request or notice to create powers, the division said.

"Posting all Commonwealth, State, and Territory organizations with this current legitimate specialist would take extensive time and assets. Models incorporate duty experts and remedial administrations," it said

In June 2017, it was uncovered the Attorney-General's Department (AGD) had been exhorting offices and offices to endeavor to get to metadata through different methods

"On exhortation from the Attorney-General's Department, the office has considered different strategies for acquiring metadata utilizing statutory coercive powers under portfolio enactment, and by drawing in the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to get metadata," the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources composed a letter dated June 10, 2016, and distributed on RightToKnow

"The division has gotten fundamental lawful counsel with regards to the benefits of utilizing coercive forces, which proposes that the methodology is risky because of the development of portfolio enactment

"Exhortation got from the AFP shows that it doesn't have the resourcing, consistence, or hazard contemplations to get metadata for the benefit of different organizations, including the division

A month ago, the Communications Alliance point by point a rundown of offices that endeavored to get to telco metadata following the presentation of Australia's metadata maintenance routine.

The business aggregate brought up that a demand for metadata does not mean information was uncovered. It was unrealistic to precisely aggregate what number of solicitations and revelations were made

"We have seen, for instance, one transporter that made 132 revelations in light of 114 demands over a year time frame, while some different bearers have encountered littler volumes over comparative periods," it said

Free PDF: Australia's encryption laws: An insider's guide

"Deciding volumes is additionally convoluted by the way that while reactions to a few solicitations are gotten from the required information maintenance store, a few solicitations can likewise be met by grilling business frameworks or databases that hold comparative or indistinguishable data for business use

The rundown contained four nearby committees, Centrelink, and the Victorian Institute of Teaching

Comms Alliance included that its rundown probably won't be finished

In March 2017, AGD said it had no issue with the capacity of government organizations to make requests on telco information outside of the extent of Australia's information maintenance laws.

"There have for quite some time been arrangements in the Telecommunications Act 1997 permitting records, including broadcast communications information, to be unveiled where required or approved by law," a representative for AGD told ZDNet at the time

"These forces are unmistakable from the information maintenance routine set out under the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979

Australia's information maintenance routine appeared after it was upheld by both significant gatherings in Parliament

Talking in June 2016, at that point Shadow Communications Minister Jason Clare said Labor helped settle" the administration's information maintenance enactment

"The progressions we constrained the legislature to make mean more tightly manages, and out of the blue genuine oversight over the utilization and abuse of this information," Clare said

Home Affairs can't be tried posting all offices with access to metadata