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    Colon malignancy is a noteworthy reason for death, and is related with high-fat, low-fiber nourishments, cigarette smoking and hereditary qualities. Treatment by characteristic means, for example, herbs can slaughter disease cells. Of the best 5 herbs impervious to colon

    5 أعشاب تقاوم سرطان القولون
    Garlic helps stop growth of cancer cells in an effective way. Because of a natural chemical called alicine

    5 أعشاب تقاوم سرطان القولون
    - Sage: moderates the drinking of sage-drooping expansion and development of disease cells. This is because of the nearness of fundamental oils in this herb

    5 أعشاب تقاوم سرطان القولون

    It has the ability to slow the spread of cancer in the colon and surrounding body tissues
    5 أعشاب تقاوم سرطان القولون
    Turmeric Clinical tests have demonstrated that the utilization of turmeric is successful in the treatment of colon disease and it stops the development and expansion of malignant growth cells and is a ground-breaking cancer prevention agent
    5 أعشاب تقاوم سرطان القولون

    Seeds of flax 

    It is a decent wellspring of Omega 3 malignant growth control. Ordinary utilize decreases tumor development in the colon by murdering malignancy cells. It is in this manner prescribed to take two tablespoons of flaxseed daily.
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